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Hey there! A very warm welcome to all of you on our about us page.

This blog twentydreams.com officially started on 1st January 2020.

Here on this Blog twentydreams.com, we will share all the best and authentic information and fascinating knowledge about tech and tricks, operating systems, computers, internet, digital marketing, web development, how-tos, reviews, amazing articles, and many more.

Keep on visiting my blogs for interesting articles on such aspects. 

About the author

I’m Neel, the founder of twentydreams.com, an avid Internet geek, Engineer, Web developer, and Passionate Blogger.

The reason I started twentydreams.com was to keep myself, and in the process also the readers, in touch with the latest technology.

As visible from my blog, I am passionate about (in no particular order) the new technology trends in the world, acquire In-depth computer knowledge, blogging, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and much more. 

The focus of this blog will always remain on technology.

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