How to Create a Digital Course: Strategies to follow up

Create a Digital Course: Step by step guide to create a great course!

There are many platforms on the internet where you can publish your course. In this blog post, I’ll tell you how efficiently you can create a digital course online and use it for purpose without any hassle.

Let me split the whole topic into a few sections to ease your understanding better.

Firstly, we will talk about the basic thing you need to keep in mind before creating the course.

Secondly, we will talk about the procedures, tools, and some other requirements you need to have to create the course flawlessly.

Thirdly, we will talk more about the platform where you can publish your course and monetize it.

Let’s dive in.

Things you need to know to create a digital course

When you’re creating the course, don’t be so formal. Be natural. Be yourself. Think like you’re just talking with your friends, you’re making them apprehend something that you know.

And also, if you’re a non-native speaker and you think you’ll get negative comments for your accent, then you’re assuming it somewhat wrong.

You need to concentrate on the quality of the course you’re making as well as the style of delivering it. And that’s how the one who buys your course can get profited by the overall design and the quality of the course.

You need to think that you’re not creating the course only for profit. You have to think that someone is craving for that knowledge to gain from you.

The more productive the course will be, the more positive reviews and ratings your course will get on that particular platform.

You’re here in this article, that means you’re new to create a course online. So this part is going to be helpful for you.

Think like that they don’t know anything about what you’re gonna teach them. They are having zero knowledge about this topic. Assuming this will help you subconsciously to level up your confidence. And this acts a great rule overall in the quality of the course.

The next thing you need to consider is that you should focus on a beginner-oriented course. Such as HTML for beginners, Javascript for beginners, Facebook Ads marketing from scratch, etc.

Your targetted audience should be a beginner for that course. This will help you grow high in this trail if you’re planning it for long term purposes.

Examine your competition

Before you begin to create a digital course, it is important to find the bestseller courses out there in the market in your niche.

Make a list of these courses. Go through them, study them like a student, and find out what exactly you can do to make it more productive and fruitful.

Examine the discussion forums and comments on that particular course. Uncover those things that required to be improved or demanded to be added.

At least find 3 bestselling courses and go through them. Maintain a note, whether in the notepad in your computer, or Microsoft Word, or maybe in a hardcopy wherever you feel suitable.

By doing so you will get the proper ideas about how the course is the structured and in-depth insight of that course.

Evaluate your competitors’ courses to make a better course.

Evaluating your competitors’ courses will help you in many ways to make your course unique and significant. After all, it’s not only one priority to just create a digital course.

4 questions you must ask yourself while evaluating your competitors’ courses.

These 4 questions will surely help you to make your course much better than your competitors’ courses.

  • What were the prime factors of that course content?
  • What were the weaknesses of that course content?
  • What can I do uniquely?
  • What do other people think about the course?

First, let’s talk about the first question. Ask yourself what was the best in the course you just watched out.

Was the teaching quality best? Was the structure quality great? Was the graphics quality excellent? What was something that you liked… find this out!

Well, you can consider implementing it as an inspiration in your course.

Second, let’s talk about the second question. What were the things you didn’t like about that course? Maybe the video length was too long, or maybe the instructor just skipped a critical point on that topic.

You need to then find out the critical aspect that was left out in the courses you watched. Try covering these parts in your course which will make your course better and worthwhile.

Third, I mentioned what can I do differently…? Yes, focus on these parts which you didn’t like on your competitors’ courses. Avoid them in your course.

Another thing, don’t just copy the complete course of your competitor alike it was. By doing that, you will get a copyright claim in the future. Think just how differently you can show it up to your audience.

Fourth, What do other people think about the course? Go through the feedback on that course.

You will get negative and positive comments as well in the feedback section. There are a lot of forums where you can particularly ask about the course, you’ll get answers from those people who did that course or was familiar with it.

Collect all these pros and cons and start working on your course accordingly.

An easy way to find the course feedback is that just search on Google by writing the word “Feedback” or “reviews” next to the course name in the Google search bar. You’ll get tons of feedback there.

Create a course framework

As we discussed above the bestselling courses that you need to grab at least three bestselling courses in your niche. Right?


Extract the juice out of these courses, maintain a script, write down all the things stepwise. And make your course better than these using all these writings.

While creating your course, make at least 5 sections. It will help you to complete the course with all the important highlights. Also, the person who will buy your course will get a sketch that these are the five items he needs to go through to acquire the complete knowledge of that course.

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Tools that you need to create a course

You need three things to create a digital course.

  • Microphone
  • Recording Software
  • Template


There are a variety of microphones available online to buy, however, I will recommend you to buy The Blue Yeti Mic for Recording. It will cost around 150 dollars.

Available on Amazon and eBay.

How to Create a Digital Course: Strategies to follow up

The audio quality does play a major role to perceive the reflection of your course. If you’re planning for teaching online for the long run, you better go with that mic. 

You can additionally buy a pop filter which will reduce any noise from the background. 

Recording software:

To capture your computer screen along with your voice in sync, you require a screen recording software.

You can go with Camtasia.

Try out the free trial before purchasing the full version.


Templates, that will enhance the course interface better, attractive, and easy for your students to gain knowledge from its infographics, charts, animation, etc.

A better place to buy templates is

From thousands of templates, you can choose the perfect one for your course. 

Now you’re all set to create your course. You’ve all the three key-elements to kick start with. 

You’ve now got to know how easy it is to be to create a digital course.


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