How to Design a QR Code?

How to Design a QR Code?: QR code abbreviated from Quick Response is a machine-readable code that contains certain information such as a text, digits, link, etc. which can be read by a smartphone easily and quickly.

Generally, it is a square optical label with a number of black squares and dots within it. These black dots and squares are nothing but peace of information.

When you scan a QR code by using your smartphone’s camera, your smartphone easily reads it and displays it to a human-readable format, such as text, number, etc.

After reading this article, you’ll get to know How to Design a QR Code in real quick. So let’s start.

Why USE a QR Code?

Because it is very easy to add anywhere like in a poster for promoting or in your product to detail the necessary proper information.

In advantage, it will take a very small space to place. People just need to have a scanner app on their smartphone to scan it and avail the information and it’s that easy.

Now, most of the phones are having by default scan option in-camera setting. So for that, just open your smartphone’s camera and it will automatically detect the code and will display the information.

How to Design a QR Code

It’s very simple to design it on your own. You can simply add whatever information you want to share through that QR code.

There are many things you can add up on it such as URL, Text, Vcard, E-Mail, Wi-Fi, Images, PDF, SMS, Social Platform’s link, and many more.

Follow these steps below

1. Find an Online Generator Tool

There are a lot of QR Code generator tools available on the internet. But if you are new, you will have no time to experiment with all of these to find the proper one to use.

So, here I’m with the best online generator tools that are going to be the right one you are looking for in your job.

While choosing the online generator tool, look at what kind of feature it’s giving. Out there, some of them will allow you to add your brand’s logo or any different icon to place on the code.

2. Select the type of your Content

You can choose any of these online QR generator tools. So for this process, I am going to using the top one, to demonstrate the process of making a QR code.

This website offers a lot many types of content you can add up on your QR code. So, choose the desired content type to make your QR code ready for use.

How to Design a QR Code

For this process, I’m going to create a URL based QR code that will promote my website.

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3. Add up your data and Track Your Code

Now once you decided with the content type you can select it. I just added my website’s URL. You will have a lot of options to customize it from the dashboard.

Over there you can see different kinds of frame options are available. Some of these are free and others are for paid users.

In this free version of that service, you can just create it and simply take it. Its free trial is for the next 2 weeks from your account creation date where you can track the total SCAN times it gets and you can examine the overall performance of your QR code from the analytical dashboard.

How to Design a QR Code

You can see the operation system, the total number of unique scans, set the time period to examine this particular time period and even you can be able to get the complete stats of your campaign in CSV format.

4. Customize the QR code and Get it

On the customization section, you’ll get to see a lot of customization features this website is providing. That’s quite interesting to design it based on our choice.

How to Design a QR Code

In features, you can use different kinds of frames with color-coding, upload your logo or icon, adjust the edge, etc. When you are satisfied with the design, you can now get it.

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5. Scan it by your own before using it

It is important to test whether it is working properly or not. Your phone might scan it without any third-party scanner app. Otherwise, you can have an application from your App Store or Play Store for this purpose.

How to Design a QR Code

After all, you need to have a scanner application on your phone. If it’s readable by the app or your default phone camera, then it’s alright.

You can now start using it on your desired location such as in print ads, physical location on your product, social media without any hesitation. Make sure the code is visible and easy to scan by smartphone.


So, I hope now you can be able to make it real quick. You can try out other online generators which I mentioned above.

Start using it for your personal use or for your project work or for your brand. Share it with your friends or targeted audience or in print ads to achieve your motive. This is a smart way to display information to the target.

Drop a comment if you are facing any problem in this process. Also, tell me if this article was helpful for you.


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