How to exclude ?m=1 from the Blogger URL [2020 Update]

How to exclude ?m=1 from the Blogger URL:, the best place to publish your blog online. If you have a blog on, you will notice that there’s ?m=1 at the end of your domain name when you open it on your mobile phone.

This ?m=1 will only appear on mobile devices. And even if you add a custom domain, it will also appear at the end of it.

Suppose your domain is, so when you visit your site on a mobile device, it will be shown as But we don’t like any extra thing to be shown in our URL, do we?

Here I will show you how to exclude ?m=1 from Blogger URL and make your URL look more professional.

Let’s start.

How to exclude ?m=1 from the Blogger URL

There is no option on’s dashboard to remove this suffix. However, we can exclude that ?m=1 from the URL by using a JavaScript.

To successfully add this JavaScript into your’s HTML, follow these steps below

  1. Login to your’s dashboard
  2. Click on Theme
  3. Click on Edit HTML
  4. Paste the JavaScript just before the closing body tag, /body
  5. Now save and exit from HTML editor.
  6. Visit your site on mobile.

Get the JavaScript: here

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You will get the closing body tag on the bottom of your HTML. Scroll down to the bottom and then make a space before /body tag and paste the code. And then save it.

How to exclude ?m=1 from the Blogger URL

Note: You should back up your site before adding this JavaScript. If you mistakenly delete something from the HTML, you can restore it immediately.

Wrap up

Many among us don’t notice that part deeply, and it’s not even a bug that we must need to fix. You can ignore this part, no SEO impact here.


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