How to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10

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These days video conferences become the most essential part of our daily life. For attending online classes, collaborating with work teams, live interacting with anyone.

There a lot of video conferencing apps right at this moment available in the market. Among them, Jiomeet is one. Jiomeet has a lot of interesting features to offer you.

The best part of this app is that it’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Easy to use, simple setup, easy to switch from one device to another. There are a lot more great interesting features that make Jiomeet stands out.

But here, from a few days, I had been facing an issue particularly on my Windows 10 laptop, that whenever I launch the Jiomeet app on my laptop, it used to start freezing, or crashing, and sometimes completely disappeared from the desktop.

But don’t worry. Follow these steps below to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10.

Let’s dive in.

How to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10

It’s really so annoying when you hit the Jiomeet icon, and you see it’s taking too much time to open up. And once opened but started freezing. Ultimately you’re getting irritated to that.

Here I’ve gathered a few actionable tips, applying these on your Windows 10 PC, you will be able to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10 issue.

1. Restart your Windows 10 PC

The basic solution to most of the problems in Windows 10 is nothing but just a RESTART. We probably do that very less. Mostly we used to shut down our PC or sleep for a quick resume.

Restarting will clear out the cache memories and free up the RAM. That’s why you will see, restart used to take a bit longer time to boot up than the normal boot up from shutting down.

So, this is it. Do this first, check out by launching your Jiomeet app after the reboot. It might get fixed up.

If you think that your system is kind of slow, or it’s taking too much time to open an app, then you can read this article How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother?

2. Delete temporary files

Delete all the temporary files from your system drive. In order to do that, you need to open the run box. You can open the run box by pressing the Windows key and R altogether (Win+R).

Actually, all we need to open up the temp folder, and it’s an easy way to do so by using the run box.

After opening the run box, type temp in the search box and then click OK or press Enter from your keyboard.

How to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10

And then the temp folder will open up in the file explorer. Here you need to do one thing, select all the temp files by pressing ctrl and A key together and delete them permanently by pressing shift+delete key

Similarly, you need to now open up another temp folder. For this, the same procedure you need to follow. Just you need to write %temp% and then hit enter to open up that temp folder.

After opening that one, delete all those files. If any file is not getting deleted, then just skip it. Don’t need to force it up. And of course, there will be a few files which won’t gonna get deleted. So simply just skip them and close the file explorer. After that, do perform a restart again.

And then check out the Jiomeet is working or not.

3. Delete Jiomeet and reinstall it.

Just delete the installed Jiomeet app from your Windows 10 and reinstall it. This might work out for you.

But wait, you might not get to see this kind of interface if you’re opening up the Control Panel for the first time.

To delete this app, head off to Control Panel. Type Control panel in the Windows search bar, and open it up.

Well, so in the Control Panel dashboard, you will get to see things like that. From there, in the Program settings, you’ll get to see Uninstall a program. Just click on that and there you go.

How to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10

In order to make your interface looks like that way, click on the point on the top right corner and select change View by to category. Just like the screenshot above, I marked up.

Well, now you’ve reached to the window where all the installed apps are showing. Click on Jiomeet and on the top bar you’ll get to see Uninstall. Just uninstall this Jiomeet app from there and then reinstalled it.

If you don’t have the .exe file stored on your drive, go ahead and get it from the Jiomeet website.

4. Change the GPU settings

Most of the time an app crashes because of low resources. You can set the dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) to process Jiomeet’s graphics better. Which additionally boost up the graphics processing for Jiomeet. Therefore, the chances of the crashing of this app will be reduced. If you have a dedicated GPU then you can do this.

In my case, I have a dedicated GPU, NVIDIA Geforce. The process is simple and almost similar in all kinds of GPU to specifically add an application to being performed only by the dedicated GPU.

How to fix Jiomeet not working on Windows 10

Follow these steps below to add Jiomeet on your NVIDIA Graphics setting.

  • Type NVIDIA Control Panel in your Search bar.
  • From there click on Manage 3D settings from 3D settings
  • Then click on Add as shown below in the image.
  • From there click on Jiomeet and then click on Add Selected Program
  • After that, you will get back to the Manage 3D settings window, just click Apply and that’s it.

You’ve successfully integrated Jiomeet with NVIDIA. Perform a restart to let the change work effectively.

Wrap up

So here I’ve mentioned a total of 4 methods you can do to fix Jiomeet not working on the Windows 10 issue. One among these will definitely work for you and your issue with Jiomeet desktop app will get resolved.

If this article helps you, please do let me know, and also, if you’ve anything to say, just write it down in the comment below.


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