How to Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram

How to Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram?

Instagram is no doubt the most popular social platform for sharing photos and short videos.

The feature of uploading multiple posts in a single gallery has been there for a long time. There are many hidden features and tricks to make your posts on Instagram unique to others.

One of my favorites is to Create Seamless Multi Post Instagram like this.

In this article, I’ll go through the simplest way like How to Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram in real quick.

If you want to create your next Instagram post like this, you need to follow this simple trick to do so.

The tool you’ve to have to make a Seamless Multi Post Instagram is Adobe Photoshop.

Or you can use any other photo editing app where you can work with the layers in an Image. But right now I’m going to show you the trick in Adobe Photoshop 2019.

Let’s start.

Create Your Seamless Post

First, choose your desired image. For this purpose, I’m choosing a landscape image. You can choose Landscape as well as portrait images.

1. Launch your Adobe Photoshop.

Now click on Open for open an image and choose the desired image from your drive.

How to Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram

On the left sidebar of your Adobe Photoshop, click on the Crop Tool and then select Ratio from the dropdown menu in the top bar. Now set the ratio 9 by 5 for a landscape image. You can set the ration as 2 by 1 if you are going to upload it as a square image.

How to Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram

For this purpose, here I’m going to use a landscape image with a 9 by 5 ratios.

You’ll see the cropping structure in your image. Adjust the cropping on the image by moving it with the help of your mouse and hit enter or click on the tick icon in the right top in your Adobe Photoshop.

Next, from the top menu, click on view and then choose New Guide Layouts.

After clicking New Guide Layouts, a small pop-up window will open up.

Click on columns, set the Number is 2 (or if it is already set to 2, then leave it as it as) and set the Gutter is 2 and then click OK.

Now, go to the Slice Tool. You will find it in the Crop Tool section. If it is not showing, right-click on Crop Tool and select the Slice tool from there. Click on it. Now from the top bar, click Slices From Guides.

That’s all about the process.

2. Save your project

Now you need to save the file.

In order to use your image for this purpose, you’ve to save it in a different way. Go to File, click on Export, and choose, Save as Web for Legacy.

From the next pop up menu, choose JPEG or you can choose the image and quality based on your preferences. And after that, click on Save. Choose the desired location. It will automatically create a folder with the two images.

Save the file on your computer.

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3. Process of Upload on Instagram

Now you will see the image is turned into two parts in that folder.

Take those two images on your phone.

Upload them by selecting them in the right order.

Remember: You might be mistaking while choosing the images in the right order. You should review the order twice before uploading them.

You can upload multiple images on the same post selecting them altogether.


This is how you can Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram very easily. This process might be a little bit tricky if you’re using Adobe Photoshop for the first time. To make your steps easier, I’ve made this video. I hope it will help you to Make Seamless Multi Post Instagram very quickly.

If you’ve anything to tell me, kindly write your thoughts in the comment section. I’ll surely get back to you. And also let me know if this was helpful for you.

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