How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother?

Make Windows 10 run faster and smoother: Windows 10 is the current operating system of Microsoft. This operating system is one of the most powerful operating systems right at this moment with 1 billion users. Windows 10 comes with great features and tools.

To smoothly run this OS in your system, it requires a huge amount of system resources. And that might be a reason why your windows 10 is slowing down. You need to apply a few tricks to make some changes in order to boost up your system performance.

Through this article, you’ll be able to know how to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother in a few simple ways and that’s also in real quick.

By applying all these processes you can make your PC faster and also better in performance.

In this process, you can boost up your PC performance without using any third-party apps and also without upgrading any parts in your PC.

So, let’s start.

Step-1: Power Option Settings: Make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

By default, the power plan is set to Balanced to automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable devices In Balanced Power Plan, your system will use minimum resources. And you might face slow performance. To get High-Performance instant, you need to create a new power plan.

To do that, follow the steps mention below

  1. Firstly open the Control Panel
  2. From there, select Hardware and Sound
  3. Now go to Power

You will see two options: Balanced (recommended) and High Performance. In some version of Windows 10, you’ll only see Balanced mode.

How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

In this case, you need to create a new power plan.

  1. Click Create a plan from the left side’s menu.
  2. Give it a name “High performance” (By default the name will be My Custom Plan 1, you can keep it as it as or you can give it a name)
  3. Choose High performance from the plan menu
  4. Now choose settings for this new plan. (You can keep it as it as or else you can set it on your own choice)
  5. Then click on Create

So you’ve created a new Power Plan for your Windows 10 PC.

Now do a few more things to optimize this new Power Plan.

High-Performance mode is selected. Now do the followings

  1. On the left of it, click on Change plan settings.
  2. Now click on Change advanced power setting
  3. Here, go to Hard disk and change both the values from 20 to 0 (zero)
  4. After that, go to Processor power management
  5. Click on Minimum processor state and set that to 0 (zero)
  6. And then click on Maximum processor state, make sure it is set to 100%
  7. Now click Apply and OK and close the window
How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

It has a great impact to boost Windows 10 performance.

Step-2: Defragment and Optimize Drive

Defragmenting your hard drives will help you in faster load time. It will reduce the time to read any files from the hard disk and also reduce the time to write any files in the hard disk. In short, it will optimize the hard drive for better performance.

In case if you are using SSD (Solid-State Drive), you don’t need this step. Follow this step if you are using HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

To Defragment and optimize your drives, follow these steps mention below.

  1. Go ahead and type in the search bar “Defragment and Optimize Drives” and open it
  2. Select the drive (The C-Drive One) where Windows 10 is installed and click Optimize to optimize this drive.
  3. If there are any other partitions, do optimize all those partitions the same way,
  4. Click on Change Settings, enable run on a schedule and make it daily or weekly so that you don’t need to do it manually next time.
  5. Enable disk priorities and select all the drives listed there.

If you’ve done the following things, then you can close the window.

Step-3: Disable Unwanted Startup programs

A few programs are by default set to launch at the boot time which drastically increases the booting time and makes the Windows 10 loading slower.

By disabling those unwanted programs at startup, you can boost up the speed in the startup. Your PC will show the lock screen in just a few seconds.

How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

So, to disable those unwanted programs at the startup, right-click in the Taskbar and click on Task Manager.

From Task Manager, select the “Startup” tab and disable all these unwanted programs. (Except Windows’ core programs like antivirus or Windows virus protection, etc.)

You will notice the speed up in Windows 10 boot time has increased in the next boot.

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Step-4: Delete all the Unwanted Temporary Log Files

Temporary files are created by apps during app use or app updation time and stored in your hard disk for one-time use only. Software updates also create temporary files, log files and error reporting files, etc. However, you can remove all those temporary files to free up spaces from your hard disk drive and make the hard disk faster to find any important file, apps, real quick.

Follow these two steps to delete all these temporary files.

  1. Open the Run box (Windows Key + R) and type temp and click OK. Select all these files and delete them permanently.
  2. Again open the box Run box and this time type %temp% and click OK. Select all these files and permanently delete them,

Note: Make sure you have deleted all the things from your Recycle Bin. Usually, when you delete any file by pressing the Delete key or simply by selecting Delete from the menu, the file goes to Recycle Bin. You should regularly clear up your Recycle Bin, otherwise, you’ll face system lag.

Always keep your system drive clean, not that full or near full. Just try to keep it near around 40%. Move your heavy files to other drives.

Step-5: Disk Cleanup

Through Disk cleanup, you can able to delete all the junk files.

How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

For that,

  1. Open your file explorer and select your system drive (C-Drive).
  2. Right-click on it and choose Properties.
  3. Under the General tab, you’ll find the Disk Cleanup option
  4. Click on it and check all the boxes and then click OK

It will take a few minutes depending upon the total size of all the junks files. So keep patience.

This way you can delete all the junk files and free up your system drive for better performance. Do this same process if you’ve any other system partitions.

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Step-6: Disable Background Apps

By default in your Windows 10 PC, there are apps running in the background. You can disable them based on your preferences.

How to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother

To do that,

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to the Privacy tab
  3. Scroll down and in App permission section, you will see “Background Apps”
  4. Disable apps that are not required to run all the time in the background.

This is how you can stop these apps to run in the background, as a result, your Windows 10 will run faster.

Step-7: Windows 10 Settings

Go to Settings >> Privacy >> In this tab, change the privacy options. Uncheck all these 4 options. You don’t require these all in general.

Speech >> Disable online speech recognition.

Inking and typing personalization >> Disable it

Diagnostics and Feedback >> Set the Diagnostic data to Basic. Delete diagnostic data.

Activity History >> Make sure the activity history storing in this device. Click clear history.

Disable Location, Camera, Microphone, Voice activation. When any of these services is requiring, then turn it on, or else turn it off for always.

App Diagnostics >> Disable it completely.


If you aren’t using OneDrive in your PC, then uninstall OneDrive from the Control Panel. OneDrive consumes huge resources. Keep your system updated regularly. Always check the minimum requirements of any apps before installing them. Never install apps that don’t meet your system specifications.

So these are the 7 steps to make Windows 10 run faster and smoother. You can try in your Windows 10 PC to experience great changes in your PC performance. Your Windows 10 will speed up after implementing all these steps. And the best part is, for that, you don’t need to use any third-party apps and upgrading any PC components.

Finally, do a restart and enjoy your PC.

If you’ve got anything to tell me, write it down in the comment section.


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