What is Image Sitemaps? How to Build Image Sitemaps for Google?

Hello and welcome, in this article we’re going to learn how to create image sitemaps for Google. Brought to you by www dot rank dot com dot au. Now I’ve got Firefox open, I will pass a couple of URLs for you to check out. And read bit more in-depth information about image sitemaps and sitemaps in general, ok So let’s say I’ve got a website that I want to create image sitemaps for, and obviously I will have images on it, as you can see on the screen here.

We got one image here and we got another, and we’ve got some other ones, and we’ve got some other ones on this particular page right So, let’s open up our code here, see, what you saw before on that screen was, if we are talking about image sitemaps, is, this URL set here, so this is an XML file particularly using namespace as specified by the schema for sitemap images.

So what its saying is, it’s an XML file using encoding UTF8, Unicode8, and then the information that we have is this particular URL set here.

Ok, so what that’s saying is, what that’s saying is the URL is located at this location, I’ve got an image as such with these details, and I’ve got another image with these details and so on, so all the images on that particular URL which is located here will have these image details ok so that’s what this is saying here.

So it’s as simple as that as to let’s say you’ve got ten pages, therefore you simply create ten different URL sets with the image information that you have on your web pages ok so it’s very very simple and if we look at the other URL set here, it would be up to here, so we got another URL set here, what it is saying is, there is another URL it is located here and on that particular URL, I got this image with these details and I’ve got another image with these details ok so we’ll look at the details in the minute but what I want you to understand the simplicity of it so you can basically create your sitemaps simply you know to replace the details that you see on the screen with the template I’m going to make available for you.

Now we got couple more other things that you can incorporate, first let’s say you got a URL here with this particular image details right, therefore, you simply would replace the details replace it with your own image details given full path of your URL and the title is the title of the image and caption is the alt tag description of the image ok so that is what that is saying there ok.

And we also got geolocation now what that means is it’s very important that we understand that geolocation in this sense doesn’t mean the keywords that you want to target rightGeo location in this sense means regarding the image that you are detailing in this sense in this XML file, ok that’s that is for.

Therefore you can perhaps you know let’s say the image was taken in Melbourne then I would say Melbourne Australia ok, so it’s very basic as took the image was taken in Melbourne or is a scene from Melbourne but I’m talking about Melbourne Australia in that sense right, so it may be London and that would be Great Britain for example so that’s the whole idea here as far as geolocation is concerned.

So simply understand that it is related to the image ok And another part is licensing you may have a website that showcases your photographs you may be a photographer or you may be a digital artist and so on and therefore you may have copyright details according to the image you have therefore you simply place the URL for your copyright declaration ok.

So that is what that is saying there so that’s what you do simply quick it won’t take you long if you have a reasonable amount of web pages ok now another thing you need to keep an eye on is you can then you know name your XML file as such and also place it in your robots dot text file as well so you can do that no problems I personally like to keep things separate therefore that’s for the URLs that I have and recently we updated our images and so on.

I thought ok you know why not include this ok so for my particular website and what I want to do online images for are important as to include this for Google ok that is all you have to do is simply find the template that I got for you replace the details that you see with your own and then upload it in your websites root folder you can also remember to give URL of your sitemap as well now if you are using content management systems.

There are many many plugins some paid and some free ok there are also programs for you that you can if you got a large site with many images and so on, therefore, it may be tedious for you perhaps if that is the case you may be wanting to invest in a program that creates and automates all these stuff for you, ok so I’m not going to say this product or that product is good you simply need to do your research but remember it is very simple to create your own image sitemaps for Google and it is as basic as what I’ve shown you in this short video ok thank you very much I hope you have enjoyed this video session it is brought to you by www dot rank dot com dot au and I hope to talk to you very soon, thank you very much bye-bye.

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