Laptop Fan Making Noise! How to Quite?

Laptop fan making noise, running at high speed, how to stop it?

Sometimes the laptop fan makes noise so loud which is really intolerable. Mostly when you are doing important work or using your laptop in the library. But what is the reason behind it and how to stop it?

The fan in the laptop is for lowering down the heat produced in the CPU. Thus, it will maintain the CPU healthy and your work smoothly.

When you are doing any heavy task on your computer, the load in the CPU used to increase. Then the fan spinning rate automatically raised in order to cool down the excessive heat produced. The fan, here, works as a ventilation system.

For your CPU health, the fan is the most important part. The fan is always running on your PC. But at a slow rate, we basically didn’t get even a trace of its spinning. But sometimes the fan started running at high speed. So let’s see the reasons and possible ways to fix it when laptop fan making noise

Firstly: CPU Temperature

The CPU temperature depends on the tasks that you are doing at a time in your Laptop. Open task manager, you can check the CPU percentage.

The CPU percentage increases when you do heavy tasks like video editing, playing a game in HDR, etc. And thus your laptop getting hot. And it’s obvious to be.

The fan will start running at a high speed. The fan keeps on spinning at a high speed until the temperature gets to normal.

Laptop Fan Making Noise

In this case, you will notice a difference in the fan speed, sometimes very high and sometimes moderate. If you found the CPU percentage is high in the task manager and if it is for running heavy software, then it’s normal.

Solution: The fan will automatically quite as the temperature falls to the normal.

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Secondly: Obstacle in Cooling Fan Vents

Sometimes dust or other particles attached in the vent. And it acts as an obstacle in the path of intake airflow to the CPU. That creates a deficiency of air quantity. The fan, itself started running at high speed to deliver the quantity air to the CPU, thus cooling it down. So this is the most general issue for why the fan started running at high speed.

laptop fan making noise

Solution: Try to clean the air vent with a soft tiny brush or a rag. Check whether there is anything that creates difficulties in the path of airflow.

Sometimes, dust particles went inside the cabinet of your laptop. So in this case, take your laptop to any nearby service center. And make it clean by a PC hardware expert. Don’t try doing it at home if it is your first time. Read more about Computer Cooler.

Thirdly: Everything’s normal but still Laptop Fan Making Noise

You’ve checked out your air vents are okay, the CPU percentage is also normal and no heavy tasks are running, even no apps are opened, but still, the fan started running at high speed and making noise loudly. And most of the time when you just power on your PC you noticed that issue, the fan running high.

Reasons: There’s might be a technical error in your PC. Or the fan itself has run into a problem. You need to do a full diagnosis of your pc and have to find the real cause behind it. Mostly you just need to replace your fan.

The fan speed also can be regulated from the BIOS of your PC, but it is not recommended. Also, there are a few third-party apps that claimed that they will give you the authority to control the fan speed.

The fan is an integral part of your PC. Just leave it to do its work until you find anything unusual.


So in conclusion,

  • Check the CPU percentage. The fan speed will proportionally increase with the CPU percentage.
  • If the PC, itself getting hot, the fan will start spinning at high speed.
  • Check cooling vents. Regularly keep them dust-free.
  • Check if your laptop has dust inside.
  • Check if your fan, itself has a problem

Hope this article will help you to solve your issue. If you have anything to say to us, please go ahead and tell us in the comment section or just simply contact us.

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