What are the most common reasons Windows updates fail?

What are the most common reasons Windows updates fail? We all have faced this issue at least once in a lifetime like we’re updating our Windows 10 PC and suddenly it says, Update is failed… or an unknown error occurred and updater stopped working.

That’s irritating. It hurts when you’re using mobile internet data, cause it’s limited data you got daily. Like 2 GB per day plan and update took more than 1 GB but no result.

Let me tell you a few things about the Updater.

Updater that updates the system consists of three tasks.

  • Update run time
  • Extracting
  • Installing

Firstly it runs the update which stores in the cache memory for one-time use only.

Secondly, it extracts the file and makes it ready for installing.

Thirdly, it installs the update into your Windows 10 PC.

Now let me specify the most common reasons Windows updates fail.

At the time of Run the update package

Most of the time this error occurs for the interruption caused in the process of running the update package.

Microsoft Windows has a manner of not monitoring the integrity of update packages after they are finished.

This can cause an update trying to install over and over and over and it falls into a cycle of that kind of manner.

You’ll be not able to update your Windows if this issue occurs. Well, there’s a way to fix it up. You need to locate the failed updates and then to delete them.

By deleting the failed updates, try again to perform Windows 10 update and you will be surprised.

Do not let your computer get disconnected from the internet while it’s busy processing the update package from the Microsoft server.

Two things I hate most while updating my Windows 10.

  • Size of the update package not previewed.
  • No technology to pause the update on it’s updating.

I would say don’t update your Windows if you are using the mobile internet. It is because you might be running out of data in the middle of updating.

And as there is no technology to pause the update process, you will find the progress bar of updating the update package is stuck at a point at the time you connect your computer to the internet.

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At the time of Extracting the update package

Sometimes the extractor fails to extract the update package. That might be ’cause of driver’s malfunction. Or insufficient resources to perform the extraction process.

And literally it found to be anything, even software installed in your Windows 10 PC also interrupts this process.

If you are able to suspect that software or the bug, you’re good to go to fix that first. The point is here, you can fix it easily. Most probably a restart might work to resolve this issue.

Else you can run the built-in troubleshooter particularly for this issue to check what’s the exact reason.

What are the most common reasons Windows updates fail?

To run the troubleshooter, go to Settings, choose Update & Security and from there Choose Troubleshoot.

At the time of Installing the update package

Most of the time the Windows 10 update fails during the installation time.

Reasons that may cause it…

Insufficient storage

If there’s insufficient storage in your system drive, possibly it will be the reason why Windows update failed. Try to free up some space from your system drive before initiate the update process.

Power consumption

Another reason could be if you’re running out of power. Here I mean that if your laptop battery is below 20% you might get this issue.

In order to avoid that issue, keep your laptop plugged in while performing the update process.

This step is for laptop users only.

Incompatible hardware, software, bugs, glitches

Sometimes it could be for hardware issue that happens by the incompatibility with the system itself.

As said before, the software can also interrupt here during the installation process. Try uninstalling suspected software to prevent this issue.

Bugs or glitches from the existing operating system can also be the obstacle here during the installation process. In this regard, try performing a reboot of your system. Might it help? Else you have to reset your PC.

If Windows 10 is installed in your DOS laptop, in this regard you need to clean install Windows 10. I know that’s time-consuming and a lengthy process, but unfortunately there’s no choice.

Wrap up

In my case, I’ve faced this issue a lot of times. As I’ve experienced it a lot of time, now I’m used to it tackle it up. Just follow these steps to resolve this issue on your side. Alright! That’s it.

And, yeah thanks for reading!

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