How to Protect your WordPress Content from being Copied

How to Protect your WordPress Content from being Copied? You’re here means you have a website. Then you know creating real content for our website is really hard work and a time-consuming task. But if it gets indexed on Google then it’s a time for joy. Organic traffic starts to rise. And we got a boost to create more valuable content for our readers.

But what if someone copied your content just at the moment you posted and they published it on their website? Yeah, it’s a point to think of it! If you really want to protect your content on your website’s contents that took a lot of effort to create, then you’ve landed on the right page.

In this post, I’ll tell you how easily you can protect your blog posts, articles, images, and literally anything on your WordPress website just using a simple plugin.

So let’s start.

The basic of how your content can be stolen or misused

Let’s say, a visitor came to your website with an intention not to read what you had written but to copy those posts into his website. Now there’s a thing, he won’t gonna copy your previously published post ’cause they are already indexed by Google and if he runs the plagiarism check, he will get 100% plagiarised and the plagiarism tool will indicate your URLs here.

I’m saying it from my personal experience. Most of us do use One Signal Push Notification on our WordPress site to send an immediate notification after publishing a new post to those readers who subscribed to it. One Signal does it automatically right after you publish a new post.

Now after getting that notification actual readers will come to your site to read your latest post. But what about that person who subscribed to your push notification just to copy your latest published post immediately and publish it to his website just in a minute?

In that way, chances are a bit high that his post will rank before yours if in case his domain authority is higher than you and he posts very frequently on his website. Google crawlers crawl those sites very frequently than other normal or new sites.

How to Protect your WordPress Content from being Copied?

Here we are going to disable the copying functionality on your website so that no one can copy your website’s contents for the purpose of reuse it.

In order to do that you need to install a plugin, named WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click. This plugin is developed by wp-buy, an IT and Software company that provides WordPress plugins and software. This plugin is having 300+ 5 star ratings out of a total of 480+ratings with more than 100,000 active installations.

Now follow these steps to install, activate and configure this plugin.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on Plugins from the left panel.
  3. Click on Add New on the very next to Plugins
  4. Now search on the search box WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
  5. Click to install and install this plugin.
  6. Click activate to activate this plugin.

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How to Protect your WordPress Content from being Copied

Configure the Plugin for its best outcome

After activating the plugin, you need to access the settings of this plugin. You can do this two different ways.

  1. You can either go to Plugins and find out that plugin from the installed plugins. There you can see the Settings underlying to the name of that plugin.
  2. Or, you can access this plugin’s settings from the Settings on the left panel on your WordPress dashboard and then click on it WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.
How to Protect your WordPress Content from being Copied

3. In the Main settings, these three options should be enabled, and this will have enabled by default. All you just need to make sure that these are enabled. And that’s it there you go. You have successfully made it happen that no one from now will be able to copy your blog posts.

Even if they tried to print the page, they will get an error message that you can’t perform this action. Now just be worried free about your content to be stolen.

How to Protect your WordPress Content from being Copied

Here you will get this alarming message that Content is protected.

Wrap up

So in this blog post, you have successfully learned how to protect your WordPress content from being Copied by digital thieves. Here’s one more thing, yeah, if you are providing anything on your website to your readers in a form to copy that, it can be anything, like a script, a code, a tag, anything that the reader needs to copy intentionally to proceed for it, then, in this case, it’s not gonna work here after installing that plugin.

Here you can either provide that code in a form of a zip file, the file that contains the script or code in a .txt file. That’s how you can provide that readers need to use.

I hope this blog post was beneficial to you. : )


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