Time Wasting Websites on the Internet in 2020

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Every day we visit many websites for the purpose of online shopping, reading articles and news, gathering knowledge, etc. We used to spend our free time mostly on YouTube or scrolling news feed on Facebook or Instagram. But do you know there are tons of time-wasting websites on the internet in 2020?

Yes, I’m gonna share with you 11 shocking time wasting websites in this article.

These cool time-wasting websites for when you’re completely bored.

I found those entertaining websites, I spent a lot of time. Impressive!

You can visit those websites and spend time on in. And I’m sure, you are going to explore something new. Cheers!

So, let’s get started.

Pointer Pointer

This is a weird website, Pointer Pointer. There will be no time wasting websites like this.

This is a single-page website and it doesn’t look like a normal website.

But the funny this is, wherever you’ll keep your mouse pointer, you will see a person pointing his or her finger to that place.

Time wasting websites - Pointer Pointer

You can see different kinds of people placing your mouse pointer to different places on your computer screen.

Try this website in your boring time.

Certainly, you will get a laugh out loud kind of situation.

The Face of Facebook

This one is another cool website for you when you’re bored.

The Face of Facebook – A one-page single website where you will get all the Facebook users’ profile pictures on your computer screen.

Time wasting websites - Face of Facebook

You can zoom in and your screen will be full of Profile Pictures.

You can click on any Profile Picture and it will take you to that profile on Facebook.

This is a really interesting website especially when you are bored. You can test this website and who knows, you may find your own profile picture too.

So, give it a try!

Domino Roilipman

Domino Roilopman is a fun game website. You can play dominos online. The perfect time-wasting website game.

Time wasting websites - Domino Roilipman

A square board where you can place the bar one after one by right-clicking in your mouse.

Therefore, you can create a series and then make one fall on another. Hence, you can enjoy the dominos game online.

Ancient Earth Globe

It’s one of the best time wasting websites for when you’re bored.

Also, informative too!

Ancient Earth Globe – What did Earth look like ___ years ago.

Time wasting websites - Ancient Earth Globe

You can select ‘years ago’ to see how the Earth was looking like at that time period.

On the left top of your screen, you can manually enter a particular city name to explore it on different time periods.

Time wasting websites - Ancient Earth Globe

Similarly, in the right top of your screen, you can jump to a few things like Dinosaur extinction, first flower, first grass, etc.

Though it’s not categorized as a useless website, you can spend your hours on it to get a different kind of knowledge about our Earth.

Just like Google Earth, you can zoom in to any particular region and explore that part to those certain years back.

Also, you will get a short insight regarding that period.

Go and explore it in your free time.

100,000 Stars

This website is amazing. You can explore the galaxy on your computer screen.

You can point on in any star and analyze it. Move it in 360-degree rotation. Explore it deeply.

Time wasting websites - 100,000 Stars

You will feel like you lost in the universe. From one star to another, from here to there, you can investigate it.

It’s just like a virtual universe.

It might kill your several hours if you are a space enthusiast.

This one is the perfect website when you are bored.

Give it a try in your boring time.


This is an amazing website. This website demands that it will show real-time data on the following things:

worldometer Time wasting websites
  • World Population

  • Government and Economics

  • Society and Media

  • Environment

  • Food

  • Water

  • Energy

  • Health

In the World Population tab, you will see how the current population is increasing over time.

Time wasting websites - Wordometer

You can choose a particular country and see the surprising results of births this year, births today and deads this year, dead today, etc.

This website you can use it in a various way. For fun, you can spend your time over it or for educational purposes.

Explore this website in your free time.

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Internet Live Stats

This website will shock you by its unbelievable surprising insights.

Time wasting websites - Internet Live Stats

This website, Internet Live stats will provide you real-time data about the following things when you’ll visit page 1 Second, these stats will start showing

  • Number of total Tweets since opening this page

  • Total number of Instagram uploads since opening this page

  • Number of Google searches since opening this page

Similarly, you will get to see the stats of the total number of Tumblr posts uploaded, Email sent, skype calls, Internet traffic in GB, views number of Youtube videos and so on.

Time wasting websites - Internet Live Stats

You’ll be surprised after seeing these unbeliever stats if you are visiting this site for the first time.

Likewise, you can also get insights into the number of smartphones, computers, tablets sold today.

And last but not least, you will also get to know the total amount of electricity used today for the Internet.

Even more, there are many stats on this website. Hence, it will worth giving it a visit in your free time.

Internet Archive

Here I was desiring to see how YouTube’s interface was looking like in 2012! Is it possible? Have anyone taken a screenshot for me?

Yes! It is possible. See I’ve got a screenshot of YouTube of February 23, 2012.

Time wasting websites Internet Archive

Internet Archive, it’s a great website.

You can search for many things like free books, movies, websites, music and many more that are stored as an archive on this website.

Also, you can search for how Google was looking like back at any particular time. So do it. It’s really a website for fun. Get surprised and kill your dullness.

Internet Map

Can you imagine how many websites are there live on the internet? And what if you see all these websites like a galaxy on your computer screen?

This website, Internet Map, will display all the websites in the form of a map with millions of circles.

The bigger the size of the circle the popular and old website it is.

Time wasting websites - Internet Map

That’s another time wasting website. Find your favorite websites from this map.

Click on any circle and you will get in-depth information about that website, like, Global rank, Rank in that country, Estimated percentages of global users who visit this website and many more.

Also, the circle is color-coded with the country wise. Like, Red circles are Russian websites whereas Green circles are Indian Websites and the large light blue circles are American sites.

Robo Boogie

It is one of the funniest and time wasting websites in this article. Mostly for kids. They will love to enjoy it.

There’s a Robo named Boogie, it’s a dancing Robo. You can create the movement of this Robo in your own way. Like you can change the head, arms or hips movement from the customization panel.

Robo Boogie

Therefore, you can create a Robo dance video on your own. You can save it and share it and have fun with it.

Kill your boring time, visit this time wasting website and make a Robo dance on your beats.


It absolutely falls under time wasting websites that we found on the internet.

You’ll feel like a picture that is having an infinite zoom. The graphics will automatically zoom in and will take you to an endless tour.


You’ll get a different kind of vibe on this website.

Have a try!

So, these are the websites I listed as Time Wasting Websites on the internet in 2020. All these websites mentioned here in this article are safe to visit.

These websites you can definitely use as your alternative fun source in your boring time.

If you know any other shocking website, then let me know. Also, if you’ve got anything for us, don’t hesitate, write it down in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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