Why is for I’m Feeling Lucky on Google Home Page?

Why is for I’m Feeling Lucky on Google Home Page? Have you ever wonder thinking about the iconic button “I’m Feeling Lucky” that appears next to Google Search on Google search screen aka Google Homepage? 

You might have seen it at least once or more while searching your queries through Google Home Page. Most of us don’t care about this and simply click the Google Search button to get the search results on our keywords.

But wait, there is a lot to know about this mysterious button, I’m Feeling Lucky which will definitely blow your mind.

Why is for I’m Feeling Lucky on Google Home Page?

When you will open the Google homepage, you will see the I’m feeling lucky button next to Google Search. In general, we type a keyword and press click on Google Search or Enter ↵ from our keyboard or keypad. So if we can get what we want using Google Search then why is this another button next to it?

Well the twist of this button to use it is to make your time of search queries relatively low to get the exact result you are wanted to get.

In a simple way to explain this, Google will take you to the website directly that ranks on top of that keyword without taking you to the search result page.

Now if you are lucky enough, you will find the result whatever you are searching in exactly just one click. And it’s kind of fun to check your luck by searching through this button. Sometime it will just save your time, some time’s not.

How do I get the I’m Feeling Lucky button?

You can simply use this feature by accessing Google.com from your desktop or mobile browsers.

First, type your search keyword in the Google search bar and then click on the “I’m feeling lucky button”. If the search suggestions just hide this button, simply do a click somewhere on the background to hide all the suggestions.

If you first hover over the I’m Feeling Lucky Button, it will disappear and will show some other phrases.

Why is for I'm Feeling Lucky on Google Home Page

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Interesting Fact Behind Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Button

All the Google search queries that went through this I’m feeling lucky button, skipped Google ads on that searches. Which means no ads click on these search queries. And no ads click means no revenue.

Around 1% of searches went through this “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in 2007.

And surprisingly it costs Google millions of dollars as nearly as 110 million dollars.

So did they removed the button? Well no…

Google didn’t remove that button completely for just thinking about only money but they announced a new feature “Google Instant”. When you will start typing something, Google will instantly show you the results. In this way, users will be having no longer a chance to press on I’m Feeling lucky button.

And also, they have updated this button with a bunch of similar types. Now it will show you phrases like I’m Feeling Puzzled, I’m Feeling Playful, I’m Feeling Trendy, etc. on hover over that button each time.

What are the use of these animated phrases?

When you will click on…

I’m Feeling Puzzled –
It will take you to A Google Day page

I’m Feeling Playful –
it will take you to Google’s Doodle Page.

I’m Feeling Doodley –
It will also take you to Google’s Doodle Page.

I’m Feeling Trendy –
It will take you to Google’s Trending Searches page.

I’m Feeling Generous –
It will take you to the Donation History page.

I’m Feeling Artistic –
It will take you to Google Arts & Culture page.

I’m Feeling Wonderful –
It will show you the World’s Fascinating Projects.

I’m Feeling Hungry –
It will show you the Search Result page of Restaurants nearby.

I’m Feeling Curious –
It will show you random facts on the internet.

I’m Feeling Adventurous –
Will open the Pac Man Doodle game on the search result page.

I’m Feeling Stellar –
It will show you up images related to space, universe.


We don’t know what Google brings to us next. But if you still didn’t use that yet, just do it now after reading this article and let me know how was it.

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